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Jon Eric Fountain

The athlete/coach relationship is built upon mutual trust. It is my job to instill trust in my clients through motivation, inspiration, and training with sincerity. A client will always work harder when they know their coach has their best interests at heart.

Workouts build character and help to bring out the best in people. There is no fast track to success through training. Only through metered and measured effort can you see gains – slow and steady is the key. One application of this is in speed training. Speed is unlocked through relaxation, which is counter-intuitive. The harder you try to run, the slower you will go. This relates to life in that working toward a goal takes persistence and patience. The most rewarding thing I impart to clients is confidence. Oftentimes, people limit themselves by their own perceptions. As a coach, I help them to see through these imagined barriers to achieve levels of success they may not have even known were possible.

The paths that lead me to strength training began as an athlete. I played many sports throughout high school and college, but have always had a special connection with track and field. If I had nothing to do for the rest of my life, I would spend it studying sprinting. I love to sit and watch videos of track and field events, and read every book on the subject I can find. It is interesting to see how opinions and authorities on the subject change with time – but more so how they stay the same. The fundamentals of sprinting have not changed since the inception of running.

I do not believe there is any one right way to do things. Success to me is a culmination of doing a lot of little things correctly every day. It is understanding the fundamentals and being willing to put in the work needed to perfect the basics. Small opportunities for greatness occur every day, and if you take advantage of these small opportunities, you will eventually achieve greatness.

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